Threatened Species Programme

TSP In one of the continent's largest collaborative conservation projects to date, South Africa has become the first megadiverse country to fully assess the status of its entire flora.  The Red List of South African Plants Online provides up to date information on the national conservation status of South Africa's indigenous plants.

The conservation status of plants indicated on the Red List of South African Plants Online represents the status of the species within South Africa's borders. This means that when a species is not endemic to South Africa, only the portion of the species population occurring within South Africa has been assessed. The global conservation status, which is a result of the assessment of the entire global range of a species, can be found on the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species:


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Aspalathus crewiana

Welcome to the Red List of South African plants version 2013.1

One of South Africa's wild yams, the Critically Endangered Dioscorea strydomiana (pictured left) has been included in the international publication Priceless or Worthless?, featuring 100 of the world's most threatened species. In addition to being threatened by unsustainable medicinal harvesting, a prospecting application for the only site where this plant is known to occur is now under review.

Some good news is that a new population of another of South Africa's most threatened plants, the Critically Endangered Watsonia humilis (pictured right), previously known only from one small population of about 50 plants, was found during a series of iSpot Bioblitzes held last year. The plant was found on the farm Romansrivier in the Breede River Valley near Worcester, one of the Western Cape's hottest hotspots of threatened plant species, with 39 threatened species, including seven Critically Endangered species, recorded from this farm. Even more good news is that this site has been secured for conservation through a Biodiversity Stewardship contract, an innovative approach for involving landowners in formal conservation of areas of critical biodiversity importance.


Some of Romansrivier's other threatened species:

Disa physodes Leucadendron chamelaea Lapeirousia azurea Disa longipetala Sparaxis grandiflora Athanasia crenata
Disa physodes (CR) Leucadendron chamelaea (CR) Lapeirousia azurea (EN) Disa longipetala (EN) Sparaxis grandiflora subsp. grandiflora (EN) Athanasia crenata (EN)