Scientific Name
Ceropegia stentiae E.A.Bruce
Higher Classification
National Status
Status and Criteria
Endangered B1ab(iii)
Assessment Date
L. von Staden
Ceropegia stentiae is a rare and very poorly known species. Its EOO is estimated <1000 km², plants at two known locations continue to decline due to ongoing habitat loss and degradation.
South African endemic
Provincial distribution
Polokwane to Mookgophong.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Polokwane Plateau Bushveld, Springbokvlakte Thornveld
Rocky outcrops and hill slopes in short, open sparse woodland.
This species is threatened by habitat loss to crop cultivation at Mookgophong, and urban expansion around Polokwane. Dyer (1980) states that Galpin indicated that the species was extremely rare due to the edible tubers being collected. It has possibly declined in rural areas due to plants being used for food.

This species is known from only two disjunct subpopulations, and was last observed in 1993. There is ongoing habitat loss at both locations, and field surveys are urgently needed to relocate this species in the wild.

Population trend
Hahn (2013) reports this species as occurring near Wolmaransstad. It is possibly a misplaced locality, as the farm has the same name as the type locality near Mookgophong. The habitat at Wolmaransstad is very different from the habitat at Mookgophong and Polokwane, and Hahn's distribution is doubtful.
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Ceropegia stentiae E.A.BruceEN B1ab(iii)2017.1
Ceropegia stentiae E.A.BruceVU D2Raimondo et al. (2009)
Ceropegia stentiae E.A.BruceLower Risk - Least Concern Victor (2002)
Ceropegia stentiae E.A.BruceRare Hilton-Taylor (1996)

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von Staden, L. 2016. Ceropegia stentiae E.A.Bruce. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2020.1. Accessed on 2020/07/03

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