Microdon linearis

Scientific Name
Microdon linearis Choisy
Higher Classification
National Status
Status and Criteria
Data Deficient - Taxonomically Problematic
Assessment Date
L. von Staden
Microdon linearis is a rare and poorly known species that is possibly at high risk of extinction. Taxonomic uncertainty around the validity of this species currently prevents assessment of its risk of extinction - it is possibly not sufficiently distinct from the widespread Microdon capitatus.
South African endemic
Provincial distribution
Western Cape
Swartland near Malmesbury and Mamre.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Atlantis Sand Fynbos
Sandy soils.
This species is threatened by ongoing habitat loss and degradation, mainly due to dense, unmanaged infestations of alien invasive plants. Other threats include overgrazing around Mamre, urban expansion and crop cultivation.

This poorly known species is possibly a rare, localized endemic to sandplain fynbos around Mamre and Malmesbury (Rolfe 1901), where it is likely to be at high risk of extinction due to severe habitat loss and degradation. There are only three known collections, the most recent dating from 1978.

Population trend
Microdon was last revised in 1901 (Rolfe 1901). Hilliard (1999) recognises Microdon linearis as a distinct species, but provides no further information. Manning and Goldblatt (2012) includes Microdon linearis within the widespread M. capitatus.
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Microdon linearis ChoisyThreatened Raimondo et al. (2009)

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von Staden, L. 2016. Microdon linearis Choisy. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2017.1. Accessed on 2019/10/15

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