Scientific Name
Sporobolus oxyphyllus L.Fish
Higher Classification
National Status
Status and Criteria
Least Concern
Assessment Date
D. Raimondo & N. Hahn
EOO 89 754 km², AOO <100 km². Known from 12 locations but likely to occur at many more. Its sodic pan habitat is relatively common in the Free State, North West and in the Northern parts of the Northern Cape. Despite much of its range being utilised for crop cultivation this taxon occurs in a micro habitat that is not ploughed and is thus not likely to be declining.
South African endemic
Provincial distribution
Eastern Cape, Free State, Northern Cape, North West
Southern North West Province, western Free State and Eastern and Northern Cape provinces bordering the Free State.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Grassland, Nama Karoo
Grows in areas of high 'sodic' soils especially at the edges of salt pans and in saline vleis.
No severe threats. The waterlogged and often saline habitat of this species is not suitable for crop cultivation. There are potential threats of overgrazing, salt mining, and erosion, but these do not currently have a severe impact on this species (Hahn 2013).

This species is locally abundant in suitable habitat, and subpopulations are large. The population is not suspected to be declining.

Population trend
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Sporobolus oxyphyllus L.FishNT B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)2012.1
Sporobolus oxyphyllus L.FishNT B2ab(ii,iii,iv,v)Raimondo et al. (2009)

Fish, L. 2006. Poaceae: A new species of Sporobolus (Sporobolinae) in South Africa. Bothalia 36(1):71-73.

Hahn, N. 2013. Rare, endangered and endemic flora of the North West Province. Unpublished Report to the Department of Economic Development, Conservation and Tourism, North West Provincial Government.

Raimondo, D., von Staden, L., Foden, W., Victor, J.E., Helme, N.A., Turner, R.C., Kamundi, D.A. and Manyama, P.A. 2009. Red List of South African Plants. Strelitzia 25. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

Raimondo, D. & Hahn, N. 2016. Sporobolus oxyphyllus L.Fish. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version . Accessed on 2024/07/17

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