Bulbine bruynsii

Scientific Name
Bulbine bruynsii S.A.Hammer
Higher Classification
National Status
Status and Criteria
Vulnerable D2
Assessment Date
N.A. Helme & L. von Staden
A rare, localized habitat specialist, known from one subpopulation within an area of 29 km² and potentially threatened by habitat loss to construction and collection for the succulent trade.
South African endemic
Provincial distribution
Northern Cape
Namaqualand, near Kotzesrus.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Namaqualand Heuweltjieveld
Saline quartz patches.
This species is potentially threatened by infrastructure development and other construction associated with a road bisecting part of the population. This species is also highly sought-after in the specialist succulent trade, and is difficult to grow from seed. It is potentially threatened by collectors removing mature individuals from the wild.

Bulbine bruynsii is a localized habitat specialist, known from a single subpopulation. A 2014 survey of the population recorded more than 2000 mature individuals, scattered in small clumps across 12 quartz patches. Five of these patches border on a road where it is potentially threatened by construction of a pipeline, but upon recommendation of the botanical specialist contracted for the survey, construction will be aligned with the road so as to avoid impacting the population. More than 50% of the surveyed population occur away from roads and other infrastructure, and is not threatened.

Population trend
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Bulbine bruynsii S.A.HammerLeast Concern 2012.1
Bulbine bruynsii S.A.HammerLeast Concern Raimondo et al. (2009)

Raimondo, D., von Staden, L., Foden, W., Victor, J.E., Helme, N.A., Turner, R.C., Kamundi, D.A. and Manyama, P.A. 2009. Red List of South African Plants. Strelitzia 25. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

Snijman, D.A. 2013. Plants of the Greater Cape Floristic Region 2: The extra Cape flora. Strelitzia 30. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

Helme, N.A. & von Staden, L. 2012. Bulbine bruynsii S.A.Hammer. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2017.1. Accessed on 2019/03/23

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© N.A. Helme

© N.A. Helme

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