Haworthia mucronata var. inconfluens

Scientific Name
Haworthia mucronata Haw. var. inconfluens (Poelln.) M.B.Bayer
Higher Classification
Haworthia altilinea Haw. var. limpida, Haworthia altilinea Haw. var. limpida forma inconfluens Poelln., Haworthia bijliana Poelln., Haworthia bijliana Poelln. var. joubertii Poelln., Haworthia crystallina M.Hayashi, Haworthia habdomadis Poelln. var. inconfluens (Poelln.) M.B.Bayer, Haworthia inconfluens (Poelln.) M.B.Bayer, Haworthia integra Poelln. var. standeri J.M.Esterhuizen, Haworthia mucronata Haw. var. calitzdorpensis Breuer, Haworthia mucronata Haw. var. limpida (Haw.) Poelln. forma inconfluens (Poelln.) Poelln., Haworthia mucronata Haw. var. rooibergensis J.M.Esterhuizen & L.Battista, Haworthia setata Haw. var. bijliana (Poelln.) Poelln., Haworthia setata Haw. var. bijliana (Poelln.) Poelln. subvar. joubertii (Poelln.) Poelln., Haworthia standeri (Esterhuizen) M.Hayashi
National Status
Status and Criteria
Not Evaluated
Subspecific taxa not assessed: see Haworthia mucronata.
SANBI. 2017. Haworthia mucronata Haw. var. inconfluens (Poelln.) M.B.Bayer. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2017.1. Accessed on 2019/03/23

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