Haworthia minima var. minima

Scientific Name
Haworthia minima (Aiton) Haw. var. minima
Higher Classification
Aloe brevis Schult. & Schult.f., Aloe erecta (Haw.) Salm-Dyck, Aloe erecta (Haw.) Salm-Dyck var. laetevirens Salm-Dyck, Aloe erecta (Haw.) Schult. & Schult.f., not of (Haw.) Salm-Dyck (1842), Aloe granata (Willd.) Salm-Dyck, Aloe granata (Willd.) Salm-Dyck var. major Salm-Dyck, Aloe granata (Willd.) Salm-Dyck var. minor Salm-Dyck, Aloe granata (Willd.) Schult. & J.H.Schult., Aloe margaritifera (L.) Burm.f. var. minima Aiton, Aloe margaritifera (L.) Burm.f. var. minor Aiton, Aloe minor (Aiton) Schult. & J.H.Schult., Apicra granata Willd., Haworthia brevis Haw., Haworthia erecta Haw., Haworthia granata (Willd.) Haw., Haworthia granata (Willd.) Haw. var. polyphylla Haw., Haworthia major (Aiton) Duval, Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. corallina Baker, Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. erecta (Haw.) Baker, Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. granata (Willd.) Baker, Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. media DC., Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. minima (Aiton) Uitewaal, Haworthia margaritifera (L.) Haw. var. minor (Aiton) Uitewaal, Haworthia minor (Aiton) Duval, Haworthia mutabilis Poelln., Haworthia opalina M.Hayashi
National Status
Status and Criteria
Not Evaluated
Subspecific taxa not assessed: see Tulista minima.
SANBI. 2017. Haworthia minima (Aiton) Haw. var. minima. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2017.1. Accessed on 2019/05/26

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