Scientific Name
Datura stramonium L.
Higher Classification
Datura tatula L.
Common Names
Apple Of Peru (e), Bloustinkblaar (a), Bloustinkolie (a), Common Stramonium (e), Common Thorn Apple (e), Devil's Apple (e), Devil's Trumpet (e), Doringappel (a), Dotter (e), Dotter (a), Dotterblom (a), Fireweed (e), Gewone Stinkblaar (a), Goat Apple (e), Ijoye (z), Iloqi (z), Iloyi (z), Jamestown Lily (e), Jamestown Weed (e), Jimson Weed (e), Lechoe (ss), Lethsowe (ns), Mad Apple (e), Makolieboom (a), Makstinkblaar (a), Makstinkolie (a), Malpitte (a), Olieblaar (a), Olieblaarboom (a), Olieblaarneut (a), Olieboom (a), Olieneut (a), Pers Stinkblaar (a), Pietjielaport (a), Pietjielaporte (a), Prickly Apple (e), Purple Stinkweed (e), Purple Stramonium (e), Purple Thorn Apple (e), Steekappel (a), Stinkblaar (a), Stinkolieblaar (a), Stinkolieboom (a), Stinkroot (e), Stinkweed (e), Stramonium (e), Thorn Apple (e), Umhlavuthwa (x), Umvumbangwe (x), White Stinkweed (e), White Stramonium (e)
National Status
Status and Criteria
Not Evaluated
Naturalized exotics not assessed for National Red List.
SANBI. 2020. Datura stramonium L. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2020.1. Accessed on 2022/08/09

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