Jersey Cudweed

Scientific Name
Pseudognaphalium luteo-album (L.) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt
Higher Classification
Gnaphalium luteo-album L., Gnaphalium trifidum Thunb.
Common Names
Jersey Cudweed (e), Manku (ss), Mosuoane (ss), Roerkruid (a), Toane (ss), Umgilane (z), Vaalbossie (a)
National Status
Status and Criteria
Least Concern
Assessment Date
L. von Staden
Widespread, common and not in danger of extinction.
Not endemic to South Africa
Provincial distribution
Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape
A widespread weedy species occurring across Africa, the Mediterranean, south-west and central Asia, North America and Australasia.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Albany Thicket, Desert, Forest, Fynbos, Grassland, Indian Ocean Coastal Belt, Nama Karoo, Savanna, Succulent Karoo
Sandy or clay soils near streams and marshes, often in disturbed places such as irrigation canals and also a weed in gardens.
Population trend
It is not certain whether this species is native or introduced in South Africa. It was originally described from Europe, and Manning and Goldblatt (2012) and Snijman (2013) record it as exotic. Hilliard (1983) indicates that it is a widespread weedy species, but does not classify it as exotic. She includes a species collected and described by Thunberg from the Cape as a synonym of P. luteo-album, suggesting that it may have been part of the native flora, or otherwise introduced by early European settlers at the Cape.
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Pseudognaphalium luteo-album (L.) Hilliard & B.L.BurttLC 2017.1

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von Staden, L. 2016. Pseudognaphalium luteo-album (L.) Hilliard & B.L.Burtt. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version . Accessed on 2024/07/18

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