Scientific Name
Agave americana L. subsp. americana var. americana
Higher Classification
Agave altissima Zumagl., Agave complicata Trel. ex Ochot., Agave felina Trel., Agave gracilispina (Rol.-Goss.) Engelm. ex Trel., Agave melliflua Trel., Agave rasconensis Trel., Agave salmiana Otto ex Salm-Dyck var. gracilispina Rol.-Goss., Agave subzonata Trel., Agave vera-cruz J.R.Drumm. & Prain, Agave zonata Trel.
Common Names
Aalweeboom (a), Aalwynboom (a), Agave (e), American Agave (e), American Aloe (e), Amerikaanse Aalwyn (a), Amerikaanse-aalwee (a), Blou Aalwee (a), Blou-aalwee (a), Blou-aalwyn (a), Century Plant (e), Gareboom (a), Garingboom (a), Kaalgaar (a), Kaalgaarboom (a), Kaalgaarbos (a), Kaalgaargaring (a), Kabelgaring (a), Lekhala (ss), Makaalwyn (a), Makalwee (a), Makalwyn (a)
National Status
Status and Criteria
Not Evaluated
Naturalized exotics not assessed for National Red List.
SANBI. 2020. Agave americana L. subsp. americana var. americana. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2020.1. Accessed on 2020/11/24

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