Smooth Creeping Milkweed

Scientific Name
Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond.
Higher Classification
Anisophyllum inaequilaterum (Sond.) Klotzsch & Garcke, Anisophyllum mundii Klotzsch & Garcke, Anisophyllum setigerum E.Mey. ex Klotzsch & Garcke, Chamaesyce inaequilatera (Sond.) Soják, Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond. var. perennis N.E.Br., Euphorbia nelsii Pax, Euphorbia parvifolia E.Mey. ex Boiss., Euphorbia parvifolia E.Mey. ex Boiss. var. laxa Boiss., Euphorbia sanguinea Boiss. var. intermedia Boiss., Euphorbia sanguinea Boiss. var. natalensis Boiss., Euphorbia sanguinea Boiss. var. setigera (E.Mey. ex Klotzsch & Garcke) Boiss.
Common Names
Gladde Rooiopslag Euphorbia (a), Gladdekruipmelkkruid (a), Hlabo (ss), Lipbossie (a), Prostrate Spurge (e), Rooiopslag (a), Rooi-opslag (a), Smooth Creeping Milkweed (e), Smooth Prostrate Euphorbia (e)
National Status
Status and Criteria
Least Concern
Assessment Date
R.H. Archer & J.E. Victor
Not endemic to South Africa
Provincial distribution
Eastern Cape, Free State, Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, North West, Western Cape
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond.Least Concern 2014.1
Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond. var. perennis N.E.Br.Least Concern Raimondo et al. (2009)
Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond. var. inaequilatera Least Concern Raimondo et al. (2009)

Bruyns, P.V. 2012. Nomenclature and typification of southern African species of Euphorbia. Bothalia 42(2):217-245.

Raimondo, D., von Staden, L., Foden, W., Victor, J.E., Helme, N.A., Turner, R.C., Kamundi, D.A. and Manyama, P.A. 2009. Red List of South African Plants. Strelitzia 25. South African National Biodiversity Institute, Pretoria.

Archer, R.H. & Victor, J.E. 2005. Euphorbia inaequilatera Sond. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version . Accessed on 2024/07/14

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