Saldanha Pincushion

Scientific Name
Leucospermum tomentosum (Thunb.) R.Br.
Higher Classification
Common Names
Saldanha Pincushion (e)
National Status
Status and Criteria
Vulnerable A3c+4c
Assessment Date
A.G. Rebelo, N.A. Helme, P.M. Holmes, C.N. Forshaw, S.H. Richardson, D. Raimondo, D.I.W. Euston-Brown, J.E. Victor, W. Foden, I. Ebrahim, B. Bomhard, E.G.H. Oliver, A. Johns, J. van der Venter, R. van der Walt, C. von Witt, A.B. Low, C. Paterson-Jones, J.P. Rourke, A.N. Hitchcock, L. Potter, J.H. Vlok & D. Pillay
This still relatively common species is declining at present due to habitat loss to crop cultivation in coastal areas, and elsewhere in its range it is threatened by alien acacia invasion. Land transformation models (Bomhard et al. 2005) predict further habitat loss of up to 50% under a high transformation scenario, and a population reduction of at least 30% is likely by 2025 (generation length >100 years).
South African endemic
Provincial distribution
Western Cape
Hopefield to Bokbaai.
Habitat and Ecology
Major system
Major habitats
Atlantis Sand Fynbos, Hopefield Sand Fynbos, Langebaan Dune Strandveld, Saldanha Flats Strandveld
Occurs on the edge of fynbos, right up to the strandveld interface. Most prominent in Hopefield Sand Fynbos.
Invasive Alien Species (direct effects), Habitat degradation, Pollution (affecting habitat and/or species), Habitat loss
Population trend
Assessment History
Taxon assessed
Status and Criteria
Citation/Red List version
Leucospermum tomentosum (Thunb.) R.Br.VU A3c+4cRaimondo et al. (2009)
Leucospermum tomentosum (Thunb.) R.Br.Vulnerable Hilton-Taylor (1996)
Leucospermum tomentosum (Thunb.) R.Br.Rare Hall et al. (1980)

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Rebelo, A.G., Helme, N.A., Holmes, P.M., Forshaw, C.N., Richardson, S.H., Raimondo, D., Euston-Brown, D.I.W., Victor, J.E., Foden, W., Ebrahim, I., Bomhard, B., Oliver, E.G.H., Johns, A., van der Venter, J., van der Walt, R., von Witt, C., Low, A.B., Paterson-Jones, C., Rourke, J.P., Hitchcock, A.N., Potter, L., Vlok, J.H. & Pillay, D. 2006. Leucospermum tomentosum (Thunb.) R.Br. National Assessment: Red List of South African Plants version 2017.1. Accessed on 2019/04/24

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